One Organized Mama

Clear Your Clutter.

Get Organized.

Create More Time.

My name is Janel and I completely understand how busy you, work, keeping up with your house, grocery shopping, endless errands, school projects, volunteering your time, paying bills, and then you're supposed to come home and make a delicious healthy meal for your family while making sure you look FANTASTIC because you also made time for YOU in your day, right?

This is exhausting.

Anyone feeling me?

Welcome to One Organized Mama! My mission is to make life EASIER for you by providing helpful tools that you can use to keep you ORGANIZED!!

I'm a pen and paper girl. If I don't write it down then I'll likely forget it.

So, I've created eBooks that have fun printables to help you WRITE STUFF DOWN and manage your bills, plan out your meals, and help you remember important dates.

Ready to get organized?

The One Organized Basic guide is our 12-page step by step plan to help you declutter.

Your printable book contains:

  • Printer-friendly sorting signs
  • 7-Questions To Keep or Not To Keep
  • Techniques to make decluttering easier

Pages can be downloaded and printed as many times as you need.

Get organized for your week's meals with our One Organized Weekly Meal Planner!

Your printable book contains:

  • Pre-printed shopping list
  • 3 meal a day weekly planner
  • Our Common Cooking Measurements/Substitutions printable

These pages can be downloaded, printed, and reprinted as often as you need.

Take a peek